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Bounty Sit



Akiko the bounty huntress has set her sights on a new target, the richest man in the world, Baron Von Strix. But things take a weird turn as she somehow ends up as the new babysitter for his son.

Comment from the judge

The art and premise are very punchy. The art oozes style and it's paired with a fun and wacky concept that can totally work serialized.

Once Upon a Magpie



Yulei, an exorcist, has agreed to get rid of a corrupted dragon in return for the celestial maiden Junna’s hand in marriage. Despite years of failed attempts, Yulei is sure that this time he'll get the job done. That is until a falling star interrupts their fight. A xianxia retelling of “The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl”

Comment from the judge

The creator has an excellent grasp on pacing/genre expectations and the art is professionally serviceable. A work that stands out for its beautiful illustrations, well-timed story beats, and overall outstanding quality and use of the TATESC format. The story so far is engaging enough to make readers want to go back for more chapters.

There were no English language works that reached the standards for the Gold prize and Bronze prize this year, resulting in two Silver prize winners.
Congratulations to the winners! In addition to receiving cash prizes and certificates, a subsidiary company of KADOKAWA WORLD ENTERTAINMENT, Inc will be in touch with the authors to be in charge of editing for digital serialization.

Translation and Publication Award in Japan

Among works in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Malay, a work to be translated into Japanese for distribution in Japan has been selected. This year, one work was selected to receive the Silver prize!




The temperature in L City, Country A, continues to rise. A construction accident awakens a suspicious bug that lied dormant underground. It takes over the city and begins to infect humans. When humans are controlled by their emotions, they turn into terrifying monsters. Xiao Jie, an ordinary businessman, was trying to escape L City with his mother to free themselves from the abuse plaguing their household. Little did he know that he would get caught in something equally as horrible. In order to save his mother, he must first save himself, pushing him to run and cling onto his life. Cheating death time and time again, he realizes that he is not "normal" enough to be able to control his "emotional switch". After wandering countless times between life and death and confronting his own past, he finally finds a partner he can trust and comes closer to the truth. But can he survive as a human being?

Comments from Japan Editors

This is an excellent suspense horror work that takes place in the near future with global warming.
The composition and expression of the hot and humid "somewhere in Asia" introduction are excellent, and readers living in Japan, which has been extremely hot this year, will be able to easily enter this world.
What should be noted is the overwhelming power of the artwork. The skillful vertical expression is also definitely at a level that can be welcomed globally.
Although there were many other works that were good in either story, drawing, or composition, we selected this work as the winner of the Translation and Publication Award because it achieved all elements at a high level.

Comments from Editors of KADOKAWA QINGYU (SHANGHAI)

The somewhat spooky and sticky atmosphere fuels expectations from the outset. This is a panic horror story with science fiction elements, but the convincing artwork succeeds in presenting it as a realistic story. The main character's reason for acting is a family problem, which makes the story feel familiar to the reader, and the monster designs are meaningful and linked to the story, giving the reader the impression that the everything has been well thought out. I simply found it interesting as a reader, and I'm very curious to see what happens next.

Comments from author

We are honored to receive such an award from KADOKAWA. Thank you very much. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has helped me. We have turned this award into a great driving force and confidence, and have become convinced that the only way forward is to continue our creative work. We will continue to do what we think is right and continue our creative work!


There are 6 additional works awarded "Honorable Mention". These awards are given to authors whose works have not yet reached a level to win a full prize of the "Translation and Publication Award," but who have submitted works that have special appeal, expectation for future improvement and future works, to show our support for the growth of the author.

  • 风流房客俏房东(你好好好菌)
  • 困兽(小晨阳-woogy)
  • 清道夫(陀地老油条)
  • 消灾社(Janz.)
  • 您的好兄弟要加熱嗎(重花)
  • REVENANT SAGA(umeumebozu)

The authors of the above 6 works will receive cash prizes and certificates. This is not to promise digital serialization at this time, but we look forward to seeing improvements in their work, so please keep going!